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General Strategies
I figure everyone new to the clan should read this, and most veterans already know this from other clans, but doesn't hurt to list:

1) Make sure you have all your spells, full clan castle (Only max troops at this point)
2) Make sure you use appropriate war troops (barch with Goblins is not appropriate)
3) Do some scouting.   If someone else attacked it, watch their attack.  
We had an attack where two people went back to back on the same target, use the same approach and (you won't believe this) had the same result.
4) Flush out opponents cc (and with the new spells, make sure you poison them if you can). This will change in other strategies where you don't really care about the cc (Dragon Line, GoWipe, LavaLoon?).
Is scouting really that important? I'm just curious as I find it to be kind of tedious.

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